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What color of Zinnia attracts the most pollinators? Hmmm! There isn’t a definitive answer based on any research, but experienced Zinnia growers swear it is the color orange that draws the most in.
We know a few things for certain. Pollinators love bright colors, especially shades of orange and yellow. These colors mimic the colors of many nectar-rich flowers and can catch the attention of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.
Some flowers, including certain zinnia varieties, have ultraviolet (UV) patterns on their petals that are invisible to humans but visible to many insects. These patterns act as guides, directing pollinators toward the nectar and pollen sources within that flower.
Flowers with high color contrast, such as those with a dark center and lighter petals or vice versa, can be particularly attractive to pollinators. The contrast helps pollinators locate the flower more easily.
Considering these factors, zinnia varieties with bright, vibrant colors such as orange and yellow may be more likely to attract pollinators. However, it’s also worth noting that different pollinators have different preferences, so planting a variety of zinnia colors can help ensure that you attract a diverse range of pollinators to your garden.

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