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Perennial Flower Seeds

Perennial flowers bring a touch of permanence to your garden, coming to life year after year and making your personal garden a special place to relax, enjoy and entertain.

From small border perennials and mid sized garden favorites, to giant stalked blooms and meadow flowers, the beauty of creating a perennial garden is that you can choose whatever catches your fancy and they will grace you with their colorful and fragrant presence for years to come.

Cheapseeds.com takes great pride in offering the highest quality of perennial seeds at an affordable price – our longtime regular customers can attest to that! Whatever your preference, we offer a wide range of all the popular perennial flowering plants including Foxglove, Sweet William, Lupine, Black Eyed Susan and Coneflower.

Have you visited your local gardening center or nursery lately? Perennial flowers are very expensive and it is not uncommon to spend several hundred dollars to fill just a single flowerbed. Many times the plants are not well cared for, and once you get them home, they often wilt and die. Our fresh perennial seeds packets contain thousands of seeds, so for a fraction of the cost you can create an entire field of perennial beauties.

If you are a new gardener or simply cannot decide which perennials would be best for your garden, bring home one or two of our popular prepackaged seed mix selections, and start your perennial garden for just a few dollars.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, please browse the specific categories to your left. For your convenience, we have broken down our collection of seeds into specific flower types or by seed use.

At Cheapseeds.com, all our products are germination tested and packaged for the current year. Your complete satisfaction is our first priority and shipping is always free!

Perennial Flower Seeds

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