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Zinnia Flower Seeds

Free Shipping on all seeds. Zinnia flowers are so loved by North American gardeners because of their long bloom period – showing off vibrant blooms from early May right through until first frost.
Zinnias comes in many varieties with one to suit every personality! This versatile annual offers gardens a profusion of color and come in miniature or giant versions.
Using the high quality seeds from Cheap Seeds, Zinnia can be directly sown into your garden or you can get a head start and start them inside early; waiting to transplant them outdoors after the last spring frost. Tip: Sow Zinnia seeds early in the season and provide just a light layer of soil coverage. Zinnias germinate quite easily and will grow quickly from seed to seedling to flowering plant!

Popular for their vivid colors and easy care, Zinnias are a beautiful addition to any garden landscape, deck boxes or container displays. This popular annual makes the perfect edging plant when you use the miniature Thumbelina variety or a stunning back border if you use the California giant Zinnia.

What other flowers go well with Zinnia? That answer is easy – just about all of them! Create a garden brimming with color, interest and dimension by adding poppies, foxglove, cosmos and baby’s breath. Create a garden that allows you to take a short vacation every time you step into your backyard. For your convenience, we have arranged our seed collection in specific categories to your left, intuitively broken down into specific flower types or by seed use.

At Cheapseeds.com, all our products are germination tested and packaged for the current year. Your complete satisfaction is our first priority and shipping is always free!


Zinnia Flower Seeds

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