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Flower Seeds by the Pound

Some of us have small city gardens, and others have acres of country landscape that is crying out for color and personality – by the truckload! Our by the pound wildflower mix is perfect for these larger garden projects.
Our wildflower mix is a full one pound, enough wildflower seeds to cover a very large area or alternately, use in a smaller area for dense, full coverage. Included in our wildflower mix is Bachelor Button, Blue Flax, California Poppy, Shirley Corn Poppy, Cosmos Sensation, Chinese Forget Me Not, Sweet Alyssum, Scarlet Flax, Rose Mallow, Larkspur, Lupine, Mountain Garland, African Daisy, White Yarrow, Bluebell, Catchfly, Chinese House, Dames Rocket, Coneflower, Evening Primrose, and much, much more!

There is no filler in our wildflower mix – this is a whole pound of pure seed. This maintenance free wildflower mix requires no pre-planning or garden plotting. No matter where you spread these seeds, in any arrangement or pattern, the result will be the perfect wild flower garden or meadow. Easy to plant – just shake at will, rake lightly and water. Stand back and watch your garden express itself! No matter how large your space, you can order by the pound and a single pound will cover a good size meadow.

For the busy gardener or someone with a large area that needs beautifying, there is nothing better or more economical that purchasing fresh seeds by the pound, offered by Cheapseeds.com.

Looking for a smaller quantity? Each seed variety offered in our large mixes is available individually. Please browse the specific categories to your left. For your convenience, we have broken down our collection of seeds into specific flower types or by seed use.

At Cheapseeds.com, all our products are germination tested and packaged for the current year. Your complete satisfaction is our first priority and shipping is always free!


Flower Seeds by the Pound

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