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Climbing Vines

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Majestic vines of fragrant blossoms that climb towards the blue skies of summer. We all love the delicate and lithe beauty of flowering vines. Starting your own climbing vines from seed has never been easier, or more affordable.

Purchasing an established vine at a garden center can cost anywhere from $12 to $30 depending upon the variety. For $3.00 at Cheapseeds.com, you could create a whole wall of climbing vines, and still have leftovers. Our seeds are fresh, selected for quality and germination tested.

Climbing vines will grow upwards to 12 feet and can be trained to grow on virtually anything. This type of flowering plant is perfect in the city for creating naturally beautiful privacy barriers between townhouses, or to block out the noisy highway at the end of your backyard. In a more formal garden setting, climbing vines can be used to create graceful archways, or trellis walls that differentiate the different parts of your garden.

Imagine walking out your patio door to be greeted by a graceful display of Morning Glory. Is there a better way to enjoy your morning coffee? Alternatively, how about enjoying the evening air after dinner sitting beside a trellis overflowing with moonflower climbing vines that sends off the most intoxicating fragrance? This is what summer gardening is all about…

Cheapseeds.com offers a wide variety of seeds, including many annual and perennial flowering plants that will look amazing in pots or baskets alongside your climbing vines. Relax and take a few minutes to browse the specific categories to your left. For your convenience, we have broken down our collection of seeds into specific flower types or by seed use.

At Cheapseeds.com, all our products are germination tested and packaged for the current year. Your complete satisfaction is our first priority and shipping is always free!

Climbing Vines

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