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Drought Tolerant

Living in the hotter climates or in an area where water use is restricted can create unique challenges when it comes to gardening. In most cases, blooming plants love water, and lots of it. Luckily, there is a wide range of drought tolerant plants that will still afford your garden lots of color and masses of blooms.

If you are a gardener in a drought area, try the following tips:

1. Space plants further apart to prevent or reduce plants from competing for soil moisture.
2. Mulch such as bark, cedar or pine should be used as a topcoat. This prevents soil from drying and losing moisture to the air.
3. Use less fertilizer and try not to use high nitrogen fertilizer in drought areas. Nitrogen does create more vigorous plant growth, but that also requires more water.

From the unusual looking Mexican Hat and the Regal Red Corn Poppy to gardener’s favorites such as Poppies or Zinnia, there are many choices in quality seeds for your special needs garden landscape. You do not always need to stick with green leafy plants if you live in a drought zone – you can have fragrant, beautiful flowering plants in your garden, baskets, containers and window boxes.

Still undecided or want to purchase a tried and true garden variety mix? Why not try one of our prepackaged seed collections that take the guesswork out of creating a beautiful garden or perhaps choose a one-pound wildflower mix to create the perfect unstructured meadow.

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Drought Tolerant

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