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Reseeding Flowers

If you are seeking a garden that is self-perpetual and continually reinvents itself year after year, consider choosing plants that reseed themselves.

What is reseeding? Reseeding plants are those that sow themselves and come back up in your garden each year – without any help from you! Seeds are deposited by gravity, wind, rain, or birds and are a very economical and effortless way to garden. Self-seeding plants are usually more hearty and vigorous than transplanted flowers.

A few great examples of reseeding flowers are: Alyssum, Columbine, Cosmos, Foxglove, Four O’clock, Hollyhocks, Larkspur, Love-In-A-Mist, Lupine, Morning Glories, annual Poppies (such as California and Shirley), and Zinnias.

Imagine sowing your seeds one year, planting your seedlings in the garden and watching them expand and flourish year after year. For weekend gardeners, and those of us that are so busy with life but still want colorful blooms in our landscape, reseeding flowering plants is the perfect choice. A tip for the maximum reseeding: In the fall, don’t deadhead your flowers; leave the seed heads intact to encourage maximum reseeding and also to provide fall food for your feathered friends.

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Reseeding Flowers

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