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Poppy Flower Seeds

Who doesn’t love poppies! They had personality, vibrant color and a regal air to any garden. Poppies make people happy and gardeners love to plant them, year after year.
Did you know? Poppies come in so many wonderful varieties, and have come to us from many different parts of the world including Europe, China, India and Asia. They are so popular because of their diversity of uses in the garden. The poppy is stunningly beautiful, easy to grow and come in both annual and perennial varieties.

Cheapseeds.com offers you a lovely selection of poppies, both annual and variety. Each packet contains thousands of the high quality seeds and prices range from $2.50 to $3.00 per packet. Whether you are searching for giant Shirley corn poppies with huge 4 inch blooms, or prefer the smaller California poppy for borders and baskets, Cheapseeds.com has what you are looking for in stunning poppy seeds.

The best way to grow large, healthy poppy plants is from seed. You can sow seeds directly in the garden, so they are very easy to grow. Alternatively, you can start them indoors and then transplant them at 6 to 8 weeks, after the last spring frost.

Choose your favorite poppy varieties, place them in your shopping cart and then feel free to browse our entire selection of annual and perennial seeds, to find the perfect mix of blooming beauties for your garden. Be sure to choose annuals that will be perfect for your baskets and window boxes, and a few larger varieties to have cut flowers all season long. For your convenience, we have arranged our seed collection in specific categories to your left, intuitively broken down into specific flower types or by seed use.

At Cheapseeds.com, all our products are germination tested and packaged for the current year. Your complete satisfaction is our first priority and shipping is always free!

Poppy Flower Seeds

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