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1,500 Phlox Mix Seeds

Attracts Birds, Bees and Butterflies


Annual phlox are small flowers that come in pink, white, purple and red. These flowers may be small, but a phlox plant produces a lot of them. They are a bright splash of color in a garden, making them a popular flower in much of the country. The plants grow as high as 15″ and are covered in star-form blooms about an inch wide. The small size of the plants makes them easy to fit into small areas of the garden as well as containers. They are perfect for the front row of layered flower beds.

These annuals do best in sunny spots. They thrive when grouped together or when mixed with poppies, bellflowers and other small flowers. These flowers will attract countless butterflies and hummingbirds as they scent the air in the garden with their fragrance. Annual phlox are low maintenance and make great flower borders in gardens and flower beds. They are drought resistant and easy to establish in many types of soil with little care or watering. You’ll love their ease of care as well as their variety of colors. The seeds are packaged and germination tested for the current year.


Plant Features:

Blooms from May-August

Grows to a height of 10-15 inches

Plant seeds at a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch

Germination is 10 days

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