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3,000 Moss Verbena (Purple) Seeds

Fragrant Flower, Great Ground Cover of Low Border Plant


The low-growing moss verbena is an excellent evergreen ground cover that blooms with tiny blue and violet flowers. With a height of 12″ and a steady green color most of the year, verbena tenuisecta makes a nice border flower or container flower. In some climates, the foliage of the moss verbena will turn slightly reddish during the coldest months of winter. In cold regions, the moss verbena is generally grown as an annual while warmer climates have it year after year as a perennial.

The tiny compound flowers and the wide width of the moss verbena have given the plant a reputation as one of the loveliest and most useful ground cover plants. It can grow as wide as 6″, covering the ground with tiny, colorful compound flowers and fern-life foliage. It also needs little maintenance and is tolerant of drought conditions. It requires full sun and soil that drains quickly. Plant moss verbena seeds when the soil temperature is about 65 to 70 degrees. The seeds are packaged and germination tested for the current year.


Plant Features:

Blooms April through June

Grows to a height of 6″ to 12″

Plant seeds at a depth of 1/16″

Germination is 2 to 8 weeks

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