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1,500 Blue Flax Seeds

Delicate, Whimsical and a Colorful Burst of Blue


If you love touches of the delicate and whimsical in your garden, then Blue Flax is an absolute essential. The varying shades of periwinkle blue are different in each bloom, with lovely little cup shaped flowers. Although they do prefer full sun, they will also thrive nicely in a partially shaded garden location.

Blue Flax is a perennial flowering plant that will return yearly to delight you. The plant grows typically from 1 to 2′, therefore is an ideal mid-level focal interest for your garden. Blue Flax does not transplant well, so choose your garden location wisely. For a burst of blue that will grace your garden from spring through late fall, choose Blue Flax. The colors, texture and subtle beauty will make it one of your favorites. Seeds are packaged and germination tested for current year.


Plant Features:

Blooms from May through September

Grows to a height of 1 to 2 feet

Plant seeds at a depth of 1/16 inch

Germination is 3 to 4 weeks

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