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15,000 Foxglove Seeds

Poisonous If You Eat It


One of the most stunning biannual flowering plants, Foxglove is an admired favorite. Vibrant purple flowers, spike-like in form, grow in rosette clusters along the tall plant stalk. Foxglove grows well in full sun or partial shade, and will rise to a height of 4′. Standing tall and proud, Foxglove is an exceptional border or focal backdrop plant that will bloom profusely if planted in nitrogen rich soil.

Foxglove is one of the prettiest plants that originally came from Europe, and has since naturalized in North America. If planted in masses, Foxglove will be the pride and joy of your garden. Seeds are packaged and germination tested for current year.


Plant Features:

Blooms June through September

Grows to a height of 2 to 4 feet

Plant seeds at a depth of 1/32 inch (surface sow)

Germination is 2 to 4 weeks

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