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10,500 Gloriosa Daisy Seeds

Heat and Drought Tolerant


The Gloriosa Daisy is truly a magnificent perennial flowering plant. The flowers burst forth in autumn shades of burnt red that turns to golden orange-yellow. The blooms are impressive and large, generally measuring 4″ to 9″ in diameter. Gloriosa Daisies love full sun and are very heat and drought tolerant.

An exceptional cut flower, Gloriosa Daisy will last up to two weeks indoors in a floral arrangement. Growing up to 3′ tall, this annual makes a bright and amazing border plant, and is a perfect mix with white and pale shaded flowers. Gloriosa Daily is a proud, erect flowering plant that is extremely easy to grow from seed. Seeds are packaged and germination tested for current year.


Plant Features:

Blooms June through September

Grows to a height of 2 to 3 feet

Plant seeds at a depth of 1/16 inch

Germination is 1 to 4 weeks

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