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9 Packets of My Favorite Flower Seeds

9 Packets of annuals and perennials with a total of approximately 75,000 seeds


Appropriately named My Favorite Flower Seeds because this mix of seeds includes 9 all-time favorites for gardeners across the nation! This specially packaged group of seeds all feature flowers in the 12″ to 36″ range – perfect for backdrops, unstructured beds and cut flower gardens. Ideal for a partial shade to full sun garden patch, this selection is easy to start, grows vigorously and is very easy to care for. Absolutely perfect for a beginner or an urban gardener with little time for deadheading and pruning. Shasta Daisy, Tickseed and Black Eyed Susan are perennial favorites! Add in the versatility of the Chinese Forget Me Not and the loveliness of traditional Baby’s Breath, and you have the makings of a stunning, full season garden.

If you are seeking an excellent combination of perennial and annual flowering plants, in a wide range of shapes, petal array and colors, this is an excellent flower seed mix. Enough seeds for a larger garden, and perfect for creating an eye-catching array of vibrant blooms that will start in early spring and last well into the fall season. All seeds are packaged and germination tested for current planting year.

This selection of perennial and annual flower seeds has 9 individually packaged seed varieties. Includes:

Gloriosa Daisy ( Blooms: June – September Height: 2-3 feet)

Shasta Daisy (Blooms: June – August Height: 1-2 feet)

Shirley Corn Poppy (Blooms: March – July Height: 2-2.5 feet)

Chinese Forget Me Not (Blooms: May – August Height: 1-1.5 feet)

Black Eyed Susan (Blooms June – September Height: 2-3 feet)

Baby’s Breath (Blooms April – September Height: 1.5-2.5 feet)

Blue Flax (Blooms: May – September Height: 1-2 feet)

Bachelor Button Blue (Blooms: June – September Height: 2 feet)

Love in a Mist (Blooms: June – August Height: 1.5-2 feet)

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