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Zinnia Envy – Vibrant Lime Green Blooms

Add a touch of refreshing elegance to your garden with our Zinnia Envy flower seeds! These easy-to-grow annuals produce stunning lime green blooms that are sure to make a statement in any garden or bouquet. Known for their unique color and large, dahlia-like flowers, Zinnia Envy plants stand tall at 30-40 inches, making them perfect […]

A Zinnia That Attracts Pollinators

What color of Zinnia attracts the most pollinators? Hmmm! There isn’t a definitive answer based on any research, but experienced Zinnia growers swear it is the color orange that draws the most in. We know a few things for certain. Pollinators love bright colors, especially shades of orange and yellow. These colors mimic the colors […]

Beautiful Zinnia Cherry Queen Flower

The Zinnia Cherry Queen is an exquisite addition to your garden! Scientifically known as Zinnia elegans, this stunning annual flower has captured the hearts of gardeners around the world. Its vibrant cherry-red petals and lush green foliage make it a breathtaking addition to any garden. The species has been selectively bred to produce a variety […]