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8 Packet Selection of Perennial Seeds



Imagine a burst of colors, textures and fragrances making an appearance in your garden year after year. A spectacular floral show that will make an appearance starting in May and continue well into Autumn. Easy to grow, this selection loves partial to full sun. Perfect for the weekend and lazy gardener, this perennial mix is drought tolerant and does not require a significant amount of pruning or fertilizing.

Shasta daisies and Black eyed Susan are a favorite for every gardener. The wonderful colors of the Mexican hat and Blue Flax add an exotic element to a wildflower perennial garden.

If you are seeking a rainbow of color to create an attractive and unstructured border or backdrop to your smaller plants and flowers, this is the perfect mix for your needs. All seeds are packaged and germination tested for current planting year.

This selection of perennial seeds has 8 individually packaged seed packets. They are:

Black Eyed Susan ( Blooms: June – Sept Height: 2-3 feet)

Shasta Daisy (Blooms: June – August Height: 1-2 feet)

Catchfly (Blooms: May – Sept Height: 1-2 feet)

Tickseed (Blooms: May – June Height: 2-3 feet)

Gloriosa Daisy (Blooms June – Sept Height: 2-3 feet)

Mexican Hat (Blooms June – Sept Height: 2-3 feet)

Blue Flax (Blooms: May – Sept Height: 1-2 feet)

Blanketflower (Blooms: June – Sept Height: 2-3 feet)

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