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60 Four O’Clock Red Seeds

Great for Borders, Full Sun


Once most of the flowers in the garden have closed up their blooms for the night, the red Four O’Clocks are opening for the evening. As their name suggests, these flowers open in the early evening. They provide brilliant red blooms over a large area. Each plant will produce hundreds of red flowers that will steal the show in any garden. They are perfect for flower beds, large containers and for ground cover. Any area that has full sunlight and moderately dry soil can grow these stunning flowers. They resist many plant diseases and are resistant to damaging insects.

If you want flowers, you’ll certainly get them with these plants. Plant a few of these and you’ll have hundreds and hundreds of red flowers on shrub-like plants. Plant them in a row for a border or as the background of the garden. They can also be used as a hedge at the edges of the property. Plant them around your mailbox for an easy splash of color that will bloom in the summer and fall. The seeds are packaged and germination tested for the current year.


Plant Features:

Blooms from July through September

Grows to a height of 18-36 inches

Plant seeds at a depth of 1/4 inch

Germination is in 5-10 days

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